Our investment style has been successfully tested during the ups and downs of the Asian stock markets over the last 20 years.


Investment Objective

Long-term absolute returns through conviction investing in sustainable businesses and assets at the right price.

Whitefield's Five Pillars of Investment

  • Long-term and index-agnostic. 
  • Focus on businesses with long-term sustainable growth prospects and scalability. Quality of business and management is important.
  • Focus on deep value with dividend yield and ideally with possible event catalysts.
  • All cap but small and mid-cap biased. Small and mid-caps tend to be overlooked, but get re-rated when they prove themselves, usually by delivering good earnings growth. Participation in the small and mid-cap space requires us to do primary research as these companies are not well covered by sell-side research.
  • Concentration and Conviction. Our investment process is very involved and therefore we would like to act with conviction when we find an idea that fits our criteria. Our top ten positions make up more than 50% of our portfolio.


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